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In the concealed carry market, there are many capable and reputable firearms. But, there are not many firearms that compete on the same level as Smith & Wessonäó»s M&P Series of concealed carry weapons. This is because Smith & Wesson took the power and features of their full-sized M&P pistols and transferred them into slim, lightweight, reliable, and accurate concealed carry weapons.
Designed for concealed carry, military and law enforcement, and personal protection purposes, Smith & Wesson introduced the Shield 9mm Compact Pistol in 2012, along with a .40 caliber of the same style.

The Shield is a thin pistol with a single-stack magazine that offers professional grade features and reliable performance. Men and women alike adore S&Wäó»s M&P Shield and itäó»s tough to find many complaints about this particular firearm.

Letäó»s explore the many features of this beloved firearm and perhaps we can enlighten you as to why no one can seem to resist getting their hands on the S&W Shield.

Features of S&Wäó»s M&P Shield 9mm Compact Pistol

Smith & Wesson designed the Shield to be thin, compact and lightweight, so the firearm is easy to carry all day every day and it can be carried in a variety of ways, like in the waistband of your pants, in a purse, or in a shoulder holster.

Both variations of the Shield, the 9mm and the .40 calibers, feature polymer frames and have stainless steel barrels and slides. The slide finish of the Shield is Armornite and the finish on the frame is matte black.

The Shield is less than an inch thick (.95 inches), which allows the firearm to ride easy on a personäó»s hip or in a purse. The barrel length of the S&W Shield is 3.1-inches and the overall length is 6.1-inches. The height of the firearm is 4.6-inches and the unloaded weight of the pistol is approximately 19-ounces.

2 magazines are included with the purchase of the Shield: 1 7 round magazine and 1 8 round magazine. Both allow for 1 more round to be safely carried in the chamber of the gun. The magazines drop free and the magazine release on the Shield is easy to use.

An optional thumb safety is featured on the left side of the S&W Shield pistol and this makes the firearms more geared for right-hand shooters.

The trigger pull of the S&W Shield is right around 6.5 pounds and, seeing how this is a slim-gripped automatic pistol, the firearm offers a short reach to the trigger, which is desirable for shooters with small hands or short fingers.

In addition to a clean trigger, the Shield comes with 3 dot sightsäóî2 in the rear and 1 in the front, which help to improve accuracy when shooting the Shield.

For many people, the Shieldäó»s trigger is the best part of the gun, because it has a crisp break, no creep, and over-travel is limited. The reset of the trigger is short and itäó»s simple to shoot this gun accurately and quickly. The Shield is striker-fired, which makes for short and consistent trigger pull with every shot.

Why You Should Buy the S&W M&P Shield 9mm Compact Pistol

All in all, the S&W Shield is beautifully built and it shoots well. It feels great in your hands and there is enough of the gun to hold to have a good grip.

So, why should you buy this gun over other concealed carry weapons?

Well, letäó»s take a look at another compact concealed carry weapon, like S&Wäó»s Compact 9mm.

The Compact is very similar to the Shield in size, function, ergonomics, etc. The stippling, firing, and recoil of the Shield and the Compact are the same. The biggest differences between the 2 guns are capacity and width.

The Compact comes with 10 and 12 round magazines, and the Shield comes with 7 and 8 round magazines. For the Compact, you can even find extended magazines that hold 17 rounds.

The Shield has a slightly shorter barrel than the Compact and the gun is much thinner. The Compact has a barrel length of 3.5-inches, compared to the 3.1-inch barrel of the Shield, and the Compact is more than an inch thick. Remember, the Shield is only .95-inches thick, which is one of the gunäó»s best features.

The Shield does stand slightly taller than the Compact, however, the height is not found in the grip of the gun; therefore, donäó»t expect to get more room for your hands by choosing the Shield over the Compact.

The Compact comes with interchangeable backstraps for additional comfort and the Shield doesnäó»t, but the Shield has a trigger reset and the Compact doesnäó»t, and many shooters prefer having the trigger reset.

The gun you choose depends on where youäó»re going to carry the gun and how youäó»re going to use it. For example, if you are a woman and you are going to carry a concealed weapon in your purse, then the Shield might be the best option for you, because it is smaller. The same goes for if you have small hands. If you are someone who plans to use this gun for the range, then you might seriously contemplate purchasing a gun that can only hold 7 and 8 rounds.

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