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Building an AR-15 from scratch is a pretty cool thing to do. You get to decide which parts get to be a part of your weapon and you are really creating something from nothing. Then, at the end of it all, you get to use your weapon for a variety of purposes: hunting, recreational shooting, and self-defense.

Recently, Salient Arms released a brand new AR-15 Stripped Upper and Lower Receiver Set. This is sort of different, because normally gun sellers offer upper and lower receivers separately. However, for people who have built their own AR-15s before, this might make sense. Salient Arms released this Stripped Upper and Lower Receiver Set for quality assurance purposes. This product ensures that upper and lower receivers will fit appropriately on a built-from-scratch AR-15. Otherwise, it can be tough to match up upper and lower receivers. There are all kinds of issues, like gaps and rattles, which are unfortunate to have on any firearm.

A Basic Overview

The AR-15 Stripped Upper and Lower Receiver Set by Salient Arms is available in a Reactive Gray Finish at Discount Enterprises, DEGuns, for $450.00. This entire set is machined by Salient Arms. The company machines its own upper and lower receivers, and forends. These products are constructed from billet aluminum. The AR-15 Stripped Upper and Lower Receiver Set is machined and covered in Salient Armsäó» proprietary brown Cerakote, which is a protective coating that prevents corrosion and wear and tear on the piece.

The Lower Receiver

The lower receiver on this AR-15 Receiver Set from Salient Arms has an integral trigger guard that is bowed to accommodate a gloved finger. The lower also has a flared magazine well that helps expedite magazine changes. Moreover, the lower receiver comes standard with a Seekins Precision magazine release and bolt catch.

Seekins Precision Magazine Release

The Billet Magazine Release Button is a drop-in upgrade for any AR rifle. This piece is machined from 1 solid piece of aluminum. It has a diamond texture for positive engagement and itäó»s made from 6061 billets. It includes MIL-SPEC Softcoat Anodize.

Seekins Enhanced Bolt Catch

The Enhanced Bolt Catch by Seekins is a drop-in upgrade for any MIL-SPEC lower receiver. The innovative design makes dropping the bolt or locking it back easier than a standard button. The large, diamond textured button is for positive operation. It includes ArmorBlak coating for durability and smooth engagement. This add-on is not compatible with AR-10 platform.

The magazine release, which is made from billet aluminum, is mostly cosmetic. It just looks good on the gun. However, the bolt catch, which is made from tool steel, is less likely to breakäó_ This bolt catch from Seekins is one of the best bolt catches on the market today.

The Upper Receiver

The upper receiver on this AR-15 Receiver Set is made from billet aluminum and is the perfect counterpart to the lower. The upper and lower on this receiver set are formed in the same angular style and fit together very well. The upper comes with a standard forward assist.

The Forend

The forend on the Receiver Set is made by Salient Arms. It is machined from solid billet and 16 inches long. The forend extends past the barrel to the end of the compensator.

Salient Arms is a Name You Can Trust

Salient Arms is well known for high-end custom handguns and rifles. This company doesnäó»t normally create uppers and lowers and let customers do what they will with it all. Salient Arms released the Upper and Lower Receiver Set because they wanted to create something wonderful and easy for their customers. These sets are machined from 1 single piece of aluminum. Salient Arms guarantees that this receiver set offers the absolute best fit between the 2 receivers possible.

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