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Heckler & Koch 9mm pistolHeckler & Koch is a name with a lot of history in the world of firearms. The company was founded in 1949 from the remains of the Waffenfabrik Mauser AG factory in Germany, which was dismantled after the end of WWII. Edmund Heckler, Theodor Koch, and Alex Seidel were engineers at the factory, which had been supplying German forces with firearms since 1870.
In its earlier days, Heckler & Koch made sewing machine parts, tools, gauges, and bicycles, choosing to steer clear of anything weapons related. However, in 1956 this changed when Heckler & Koch received a tender to make rifles for the German Federal Army. Their G3 rifle design ultimately became the standard rifle for the Army. From there, H&K kept expanding and diversifying their firearms production, and their collection now includes over a 100 different firearms.
While HK firearms are tried and true pieces of equipment, the maker doesnäó»t rest on its laurels. Instead, HK is continually innovating. They have been noted for their early adoption of polymers and their experimentation with many operating systems in their small firearms, helping to drive the key technologies behind modern day firearms manufacturing.


The HK motto äóìNo Compromisesäó is right in line with the groups who they supply with firearms. Just a few of the entities that have been outfitted with HK weapons include:
U.S. Navy SEALs
U.S. Special Forces
Delta Force
German KSK
GSG9 and other counter-terrorists groups
Not all of Heckler & Kochäó»s firearms are designed specifically for law enforcement and professional militaries, however. The company also has a division of hunting and sports firearms for the general public, which includes the popular Heckler & Koch USP Expert 9mm for target shooting.


Heckler & Koch enlisted the help of some of the worldäó»s most respected target shooters to help them design the HK USP Expert. The intent was to design a firearm that would be ideal for International Practical Shooting Competitions as well as many other target shooting situations.
The USP Expert is built off the standard HK universal self-loading pistol, with the features from the Tactical and Mark 23 pistols incorporated with a long slide design. Other variants of the HK USP include the Custom Sport, Compact, Tactical, Compact Tactical, Match, and Elite.


Thereäó»s a lot to love about HK firearms if youäó»re a fan of 9mm handguns. Reliability, power, sleek design äóñ the HK USP 9mm Expert and the rest of the collections are all-around solid handguns. The fact that it chambers the ever-popular and affordable 9mm round makes it that much more appealing.
Features of the USP Expert Heckler & Koch 9mm pistol include:
Everything in the Tactical minus the threaded barrel äóñ includes the O-ring barrel and match grade trigger
Less muzzle flip and recoil thanks to the extended slide
Adjustable target sights
Adjustable trigger stop
Ambidextrous controls on both sides
Corrosion resistant finish
Corrosion-proof polymer frame
Universal mounting groves makes adding accessories easy
Lock-out safety device patented by HK
Oversized trigger guard
Can be used with a jet funnel or extended magazine that hold up to 18 rounds