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First-time buyers or long-time gun collectors can both benefit from the generous selection of 9mm Handguns available from We will give you a brief introduction to the 9mm handgun, offer a few reasons why itäó»s an ideal choice for a number of different functions.

Meet the 9mm Handgun

The 9mm handgun makes a great choice for the average person who wants a basic gun for self-defense. Youäó»ll see that more and more often, police officers are officers tending to carry this gun as their service weapon. Itäó»s simple to learn, reliable, and easy to shoot.

You wonäó»t have any trouble finding ammo, as the popularity of this gun has made the options for ammunition explode across the market. The 9mms tend to be an economical choice, as is the ammunition, especially when purchased in bulk. The 9mm is also flexible with capacity. Youäó»ll see this gun outfitted with a 17 round magazine, or an extended 20-round magazine. Both are considered practical and easy to use.

Those are just a few of the reasons proudly offers the largest selection of 9mm handguns right at your fingertips. Weäó»re confident that we can find the 9mm thatäó»s right for your needs, and fits in your budget.

Letäó»s explore a few of the reasons to buy the 9mm by looking at the benefits of the gun in greater detailäó_

DE Guns Will Get You A Great Price On A 9mm Handgun

Many gun owners and shooters go to the 9mm because of the wide range of affordable firearms and ammunition. When it comes to finding a great price, the bigger the selection the better. DEGuns has put one of the largest selections of 9mm handguns right at your fingertips to help you get the most out of this affordable and economically smart firearm.

Prepare To Defend Your Home With A 9mm Handgun From DE Guns

The 9mm handgun has a wide range of uses, but one of the more common is home defense. This is because of the handgunäó»s low recoil and high rate of accuracy. Though some second-guess the firearmäó»s stopping power, much of this depends on the type of round used.

Not only that, gun designers heard the early complaints that the 9mm didnäó»t deliver the type of incapacitating force that law enforcement departments were looking for, and have made technological improvements in bullet design and propellant.

Once again, the important factor is options, and whether youäó»re protecting your home or shooting for sport, visit DE Guns to find the firearm thatäó»s best for you.

Ease Your Way Into Shooting With A Low-Recoil 9mm From DE Guns

The 9mm handgun makes a comfortable introduction to guns for first time shooters or inexperienced people. Theyäó»ll find that it is comparatively easy to control the recoil, and simple enough to learn how to use the gun. It wonäó»t be long before theyäó»re placing shots like a pro. DE Guns has a number of models with safety features that would support a first time shooter.

Just 2 Of The Popular 9mm Handguns Available From DE Guns

This is by no means an extensive list of the 9mm handguns that can be purchased from DE Guns, but we do want to point out a couple of prominent and popular options, and outline some of their features.

Weäó»re highlighting these two because they are standouts in the areas of concealed carry, and gun safety.

1. Smith and Wesson M&P9 9mm 17+1 Pistol with Crimson Trace Green Laserguard

This sturdy, reliable and easy to conceal handgun is mounted with an instinctive laser activation button for increased accuracy along with the following features:

  • Simple take down

  • 3 Interchangeable Palmswell Grip Sizes

  • Ambidextrous Controls

  • 18 Degree Grip Angle for Natural Point of Aim

  • Ships with Crimson Trace Green Laserguard with 2 hour battery life, adjustable for elevation and windage. Uses one 1/3N Lithium battery

2.Taurus Millennium PT111 G2 9mm Polymer Grip Sub Compact 9mm

The newly designed Taurus PT111 G2 is an ideal choice for concealed carry, featuring a lightweight 22 oz. polymer frame, a thin profile, and ramped 3.2 inch barrel. With its high-profile sights, aggressive grip texture, accessory rail and melted edges, this gun can be concealed comfortably. This is one of the best selling sub-compact handguns in the US, and the best selling firearm from Taurus.

This gun has 2-12 round magazines.

A Safe and Secure Optionäó_

The Taurus family of semi-automatic pistols can now put any owneräó»s mind at ease with the Taurus Security System. This instant-ready defense system secures your pistol and renders it inoperable simply by turning a key.

With the security system engaged, the pistol canäó»t be cocked or fired, nor can the manual safety be unlocked. The device is part of the firearm, and cannot be lost.

Know Where You Stand With A Loaded Chamber Indicator

Taurus installs a loaded chamber indicator on all its new compact, medium and large frame pistols. As is the case with all innovations or greater safety and security from Taurus, this indicator will not slow or inhibit the firing of your pistol on any level. It is added at no extra cost, but merely offers the benefit of an äóìat-a-glanceäó method of double-checking that you have a round in the chamber. When a round is in the chamber, the ejector pops out of the slide, displaying a red strip behind the ejection port.

Note that these indicators are by no means a substitute for the best safety practices and common sense that goes into gun handling, however it is one more example of commitment we have to safety in firearms.

Accessory Rail
This handgun features the Genuine Picatinny Rail allowing the use of many accessories. The 9mm handgun is an adaptable gun that fits with a wide range of functions and tools, many of which are available at DE Guns. View parts and accessories here.

Find the Perfect 9mm for you by contacting DE Guns Today!

Call DE Guns at 402-875-6500 for professional and experienced help in picking out a 9mm handgun, or find our website online here to view prices and features on guns, ammunition, prices, parts and accessories. We look forward to finding the best gun for you and your needs.