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When it comes to choosing which rifle you should buy, there are many rifle options to choose from. It can seem daunting, but donäó»t let the task of choosing the perfect rifle intimidate you. There is an easy way to figure out which rifle is the right option for you.

What Do You Want a Rifle For?

To determine which rifle you should buy, first you need to ask yourself why you want a rifleäóîfor example: if you are buying a rifle to hunt, then what kind of game do you plan on hunting, small or big game?

Answering this question will narrow down the options for what kind of rifle you should choose:

  • How you plan to use your rifle determines the type of bullets you use
  • The type of bullets you use determines what kind of cartridges you should buy
  • The cartridges you need determines the types of rifles you can buy

The main thing you need to consider when buying a rifle is the ammunition you want to use, and the rifle you purchase needs to be able to fire the cartridge you decide best fits your needs.

For hunting purposes, you want to choose ammunition that will guarantee a humane kill. Ammunition that is too powerful could mean there is not a lot of meat leftover when you kill an animal and ammunition that is too weak could mean an animal may suffer a long time before dying.

Choose the Rifle Thatäó»s Right For You

After you determine the cartridge you need, you can focus on personal preferences, such as:

  • What is a comfortable rifle weight for you to hold?
  • What rifle action do you prefer?
  • What kind of materials appeal to you?

Do You Want a Single-Shot or Repeating Rifle?

Single-Shot Rifles

A single-shot rifle holds 1 cartridge at a time and a new cartridge must be put in every time after it is fired.

Types of single-shot rifles:

  • Falling-block action
  • Rolling-block action
  • Break-open
  • Trapdoor single-shot action

Repeating Rifles

A repeating rifle can hold multiple cartridges at one time.

Types of repeating rifles:

  • Bolt-action
  • Pump-action
  • Lever-action
  • Automaticäóîhave a mechanism that ejects and loads cartridges on their own

Do Your Research

The best way to know which rifle is the right rifle for you is to practice shooting a few. Visit a local gun range and shoot a number of different rifles. Pay attention to how the rifles feel in your hands and how accurately you can shoot them.

Talk to People Who Know About Rifles

Visit a local gun store and look at rifles there. Take note of what you like, what you donäó»t like, and talk to experts there about the rifle you are looking to buy. Get as much input and advice you can, so you can better determine which rifle is best for you.

Buy Your Rifle Online

Once you know what kind of rifle you want, itäó»s time to shop around for the best price. Similar to how there are many options of rifles to choose from, the places online you can find rifles for sale are boundless. On the Internet you can find used and new rifles. This is something else you have to determine: would you consider buying a used rifle?

The reason you want to do your research before you buy any firearm online is because you canäó»t see the firearm or practice shooting it before you buy it. Practice shooting the same make and model of a gun before you buy it online so you know it is a good option for you. Then, use the Internet to find the absolute best price for it. The options for where you can find rifles for sale online are endlessäóîfor instance: you can find new and used rifles for sale on auction sites and online marketplaces, in addition to FFL dealers and manufacturersäó» websites.

When You Buy From FFL Dealers Online

Buying firearms online from FFL dealers is not much different from going into your local FFL dealer and buying firearms there. The difference is you have a much larger selection of firearms to choose from and itäó»s easier to find lower prices on the Internet. A firearm you purchase online cannot be sent directly to your home. It must be sent to a FFL dealer, but you can choose the dealer it is sent to. You must provide the seller with the FFL dealeräó»s Federal Firearms License and then, when you go to pick up your firearm you must complete the necessary paperwork and undergo a background check. Additionally, you may have to wait a few days to pick up your firearm depending on state and local laws. Also, FFLs typically charge a transfer fee.


You can talk to a million people about what rifle you should buy, and they will all tell you something different, but remember: you are buying a rifle for yourself and itäó»s you who has to be satisfied with it. Therefore, do you homework, ask questions, and donäó»t hesitate to shop around. Today, the Internet can easily be your best resource, so take advantage of it! Look around for the best prices and know what kind of rifle is best for you before you buy.

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