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Most first-time gun buyers are interested in purchasing a handgun for self-defense purposes or recreational shooting at a rangeäóîsometimes both. If you are someone who is looking to buy a handgun for the first time, then DE Guns can help you figure out which type of handgun is right for your needs.

What To Think About Before Buying Your First Handgun

Before purchasing a handgun you must determine your intended use for the gun. For example, if you want to buy a gun for self-defense reasons, then you donäó»t necessarily need a handgunäóîa shotgun or rifle can serve the same purpose; however, handguns are generally easier to conceal and keep secure. Considering why a handgun is the best type of gun to buy and what you will be using the gun for will help you determine which handgun is right for you.

It is also a good idea to contemplate how much money you would like to spend on a handgun before buying one. Handguns are made for every income level. If you only want to spend 150 dollars on a gun, you could, but you would get what you pay for. New gun buyers should expect to spend between 400 and 800 dollars for a reliable and quality handgun.

1. A Handgun That Can Do Both: 9mm Glock

If you want a handgun for home defense and sporting purposes, then a 9mm Glock might be just the gun for you. 9mm Glocks are reliable, have fine accuracy, and are set at a good value price.

DE Guns supplies a variety of 9mm Glocks. The Ruger LC95 9mm Striker Fire with Manual Safety, for example, features an integrated trigger safety, manual safety, and magazine disconnect. It is available for $299.99 and comes with one 7 round magazine.

2. If You Want Something For Target Practice: .22 Pistol

Oftentimes first time gun buyers think .22 pistols are the right guns to purchase for home protection because they are small; however, pistols can be complicated to use. If you want a gun that will allow you to practice shooting at a range without having to spend a fortune, then a .22 pistol is a good gun for this purpose.

If you are a beginner shooter and need a good gun to practice with, then take a look at DE Guns selection of .22 revolvers and semi-automatics. A .22 pistol can help new shooters improve trigger control and alignment.

3. High Caliber Handguns for Personal Protection

For first-time gun buyers who want to buy a gun for home protection and self-defense, a gun with a .380 caliber or higher is recommended. The M&P Bodyguard 380 .380 ACP by Smith & Wesson, for example, is a lightweight pistol ideal designed for self-protection. This particular gun comes with 2 magazines and features a high-strength polymer frame.

.357 Magnum handguns are also great guns for self-defense purposes. Smith & Wesson Model 347 TRR8 .357 Magnum features a matte black finish, scandium alloy frame, and stainless steel frame. This particular model can hold 8 rounds at a time and is available for $999.99.

If you want to purchase a gun for concealed carry, then the Taurus Millennium PT111 G2 9mm gun is a great option for beginner buyers. This gun is the ideal concealed carry handgun because of its 22-ounce polymer frame, thin profile, and 3.2-inch barrel. It features melted edges, which make for added comfort and easy concealment.

Shop Handguns with DE Guns

To view DE Gunsäó» entire selection of handguns, visit our website today. If you have questions concerning the guns DE Guns supplies or need assistance determining which gun is right for you, then do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach our friendly and knowledgeable staff by calling 402-875-6500 or by filling out our online contact form.