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Among firearms manufacturers, Taurus has an extensive and distinguished history. The name has produced such well-known models as the Taurus 92, and the Taurus G2G, both of which have enjoyed considerable popularity among firearm owners for all sorts of applications from plinking to home and personal defense. These powerful handguns are marked by innovation in polymer-frame design, making them easy to control, effectively guaranteeing that you get the performance you need. As the top online supplier of firearms, ammunition, parts, accessories, and more, DEGuns is prepared to help you find top quality guns of all kinds. Letäó»s explore some popular, top-selling Taurus guns.

1. Taurus G2C: Compact, and Durable Handgun with High Firepower

This is the next movement in compact handguns for the Brazilian manufacturer is this Taurus G2C . Similar to models such as the Millennium, Millennium Pro, and G2, this GG performs well in concealed carry situations. The Taurus PT111 G2C is loaded with features that make it convenient to discharge and carry. With a little research, you will find many voices lauding the PT111 has a reliable, durable, accurate, and affordably priced option compared to many competitive handguns.

2. Affordable, High-Quality Handgun: Taurus PT11 Millennium Pro G2

This lightweight, newly designed Taurus PT111 G2 makes an excellent concealed carry handgun. This 22 oz. polymer handgun features a thin profile and a ramped 3.2 inch barrel. With an accessory rail ready for your favorite mounts, high-profile sights, and a grip with a rough, ready-to-handle texture, this is a good choice that offers strong performance and comfortable carry. This Taurus firearm is one of the best-selling sub-compact handguns in the US.

3. Lightweight Taurus Handgun for Concealed Carry: Model 738 TCP SS .380 ACP 6+1 Pistol

You have to test the weight of this Taurus handgun in your hand to believe how lightweight it really is. Youäó»ll still get top-quality performance, however. The Model 738 TCP SS .380 ACP 6+1 Pistol is lighter than all other small frame revolvers, which is probably why it is such a successful seller. Not only is this a high-performing handgun that looks great with its checkered polymer grip and blued grip. With a low-profile fixed sights and a polymer frame, this is a great choice for concealed carry.

How to Learn More About Getting Best-Selling Taurus Handguns Online

Thereäó»s a good reason these Taurus handguns are best sellers; if they have served so many other proud firearm owners well, we are more than confident they will do the same for you. If you have any questions about which handgun might suit your needs best, or what holsters you may prefer for concealed carry, feel free to get in touch with our in-house experts by calling us at 402-875-6500 or use our contact form online. We look forward to helping you find a Taurus handgun that will work well for your shooting range, personal defense, or home defense needs of all kinds.