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The AR-15 is a must-have for anyone serious about having a practical, effective gun. The AR-15 is a favorite among hunters, those who shoot for sport, and those who want a powerful tool they can use to keep their home safe. The AR-15 is an absolute American standard when it comes to rifles. DEGuns offers the largest online selection of firearms, ammunition, parts, maintenance supplies, and more. The US military has gotten decades of use out of this durable, effective, efficient, and reliable firearm. There are many civilian uses for this standby among rifles.

Here are the top 4 AR-15s available from DEGuns:

1. Adams Arms Agency AR-15 | Featuring an Incredible Piston System

This is a basic AR-15 for anyone who wants their first introduction to this legendary rifle. There are many features with this model to entice shooters whether they are new or experienced. This gun features the Adams Arms piston system, which includes:

A short stroke. Free-floating piston system

Self-cleaning mechanism

Forward expelled gases to protect operator

And far more.

2. Sig Sauer RM400 SRP 5.56 AR-15 | AR-15 Ready for Optics of All Kinds

For AR-15 shooters who are looking for an optic-ready platform, the SIGM400 SRP is for you. This rifle features a removed front sight tower and replaces it with a M1913 gas block. The gas blocking mechanism accepts all iron sights intended to work on the Mil-Spec Picatinny rail.

3. Sig Sauer M400 Enhanced Carbine | Featuring Unparallelled Accuracy

The Sig Sauer M400 Enhanced Carbine is often used by military and law enforcement personnel. This is because it offers unparallelled accuracy. This rifle features a Magpul MOE forend, grip, stock and rear sight. It weighs just under eight pounds.

4. DPMS Panther Oracle 5.56 NATO/.223 | Shooting Sports Meets Tactical Needs

This Panther Oracle Ar-15-style rifle is just the right blend for the shooting sports and tactical use. Do you love to go target shooting? Are you just trying to keep coyotes away from your hen house? Do you want to feel secure when you are asleep at home? This is the AR-15 for you. This features easy mounting for most optics, which means you can add the attachments that help you perform at your best.

The Next Step in Getting a Top Quality AR-15 Online from DEGuns

If you are brand new to rifles, handguns and firearms of all kinds, we here at DEGuns love to talk shop. We can help you figure out what is best for your needs, whether you are a competitive shooter, a hunter, a farmer, or simply interested in home defense. If you are an old hand who knows exactly what he wants out of a firearm, we can expedite your shopping process as well. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 402-875-6500. You can also contact us online, where you can browse through AR-15s, but also many other rifles, handguns, types of ammunition, parts, maintenance and far more.