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Gun owners and collectors alike will tell you the AR 15 is a fixture for hunting, competitions, and home defense. This working manäó»s rife has been a favorite among shooters for sport, and ranchers and farmhands who want to keep dangerous critters at bay or maybe bag dinner. DE Guns is a major online supplier of guns, parts, accessories and ammunition, and we can outfit you with a quality AR-15, and all the parts and accessories you need to get the most out of this American-as-apple-pie firearm.

We will break down which parts and accessories gun owners consider must-haves, and where to find them at DE Guns. Continue reading to learn more.

But first, Why the AR-15?

The AR-15 is a good gun to customize. Natural tinkerers will delight in the sheer quantity and variety of parts and upgrades that are available, and how intuitive and relatively simple to understand the gun itself is. We have no way of knowing your particular level of technical capacity, but if you did a high school shop class, youäó»re probably able to instal fresh and customized stocks, triggers, hand-guards and pistol grips.

The Ar-15 is a Teachable Firearm

Defending your family is great. Teaching them to defend themselves will reap positive dividends in safety and self-confidence for a lifetime. The AR-15 is simple enough to make a great gun for beginners. From the youngest shooter to the most grizzled vet, the AR-15 remains a basic rifle worth practicing and mastering. Anyone can appreciate the smooth, relatively controlled recoil of the AR-15, but that is exactly what makes it a preferable firearm for the inexperienced to learn. You get plenty of firepower, and the gun is still controlled enough to be handled safely.

Top AR-15 Parts and Accessories from DE Guns

These parts and accessories have been clutch performers for AR-15 owners from experienced gun owners to first time buyers. We are confident that no matter what part broke down, or how you want to accessorize your gun, we can help find the right product for you.

1. Doublestar Group OOPS! AR-15 Replacement Parts Kit

Accidents happen, and when it comes to gun use, itäó»s tough to imagine a good time to tolerate them and not respond rapidly. Shooting for competition? Donäó»t let a broken part take you out of the game. Hunting? Donäó»t let your prize prey escape because you werenäó»t prepared. Own an AR-15 for home defense? We donäó»t even need to tell you the importance of keeping that firearm in good, clean working order both for you, your home, and your family.

Thatäó»s why the Doublestar Group OOPS! AR-15 Replacement Parts Kit is such a must-have for long-time AR-15 operators or first-time buyers. You have everything you need, or might need in one, simple organized kit.

The average, quality AR-15 is reasonably durable, but every gun, especially one that gets regular use for practice at the range, or hunting can wear down. The Doublestar is made up of all the parts that are likely to be the problem, and it comes with multiple editions of each one. This means you will be in the pink for a while if you plan and parse your materials right.

2. Aero Precision AR-15 Complete Lower Parts Kit

This one is the perfect complement kit to the Doublestar. Itäó»s tough to imagine a problem that you canäó»t solve with one or the other and a little elbow grease. Be ready for any situation or breakdown with an extensive collection of replacement parts ready to go.

As per the product page, this AR-15 lower parts kit includes:

  • Takedown/pivot spring
  • Takedown/pivot detent
  • Trigger/hammer pin
  • Pivot pin
  • Bolt catch
  • Bolt catch buffer
  • Bolt catch roll pin
  • Safety selector
  • Safety selector detent
  • Buffer retainer
  • Buffer retainer spring
  • Trigger guard
  • Trigger guard roll pin
  • A2 style pistol grip
  • Pistol grip screw
  • Pistol grip lock washer
  • Trigger spring
  • Hammer Spring
  • Disconnector spring
  • Magazine Catch body
  • Magazine catch spring
  • Magazine catch button
  • Hammer
  • Trigger
  • Disconnector

3. ERGO GRIP FAL AR-15/M16 Ambidextrous Tactical Deluxe Grip With Palm Shelf Dark Earth

You want your gun to feel good to shoot. Thatäó»s what the AR-15 Ergo Grip can do for you. The AR-15/M16 Ambidextrous Tactical Deluxe Grip – SureGrip With Palm Shelf features finger grooves with a smooth feel, and a heavier grip with superior support for the rear upper web. It will remain virtually impervious to oils and solvents, which is good for your gun grip. Imagine the texture of a pencil eraser that offers the shooter a little give when gripping. This overmolded grip will guarantee you better support, handling, and element resistance.

4. Midwest AR-15 Flash Hider/Impact DEVC

This AR-15 flash hider impact device is popular and practical among hunters, and in a home defense situation where you may be forced to fire in close quarters, the fewer disorienting elements in your environment, the better off you are, and safer you will stay.

5. ATI AR-15 Slotted Barrel Nut Free Float Forend

The AR-15 Free Float Slotted Barrel Nut Free Float Forend eliminates the need for a jam nut. It lets the forend be installed flush to the receiver. Lock the forend into place on the slotted barrel nut using three set screws for a secure fit that wonäó»t rotate. This durable piece is made in the USA.

Contact DE Guns to Discover More Ar-15 Parts and Accessories

If you have any questions about these AR-15 parts or more, please contact DE Guns by calling 402-875-6525 or contacting us online . We would be happy to answer all your questions about AR-15s, ammunition, what parts you need, which accessories are our favorites and why, and how to buy them online from DE Guns. This applies to any of your gun questions, and even any curiosity you have about joining the NRA. We have supplied numerous gun owners with exactly what they need, and we are more than confident we can do the same for you.