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Proper cleaning, care and maintenance is a crucial component of maintaining a safe and reliable firearm. If you are someone who participates in shooting competitions, there is no reason to risk fouling or failure because of improper care. The risk of dirt and debris, and damage due to weather and travel increases considerably when you are a hunter. The absolute last time you want to have questions like äóìis my gun in clean working condition and ready to fire at any timeäó in the back of your mind is during a self-defense emergency. The bottom line is that gun maintenance is a key part of safety both for your firearm, and for your.

As a premiere supplier of firearms, accessories, ammunition, parts and more, DE Guns is ready and able to help provide you with a complete and dependable kit for cleaning your firearm. We will offer a guide of the basic necessities for caring and cleaning for a firearm, and then point you to some examples of these products available at DE Guns. Without any further ado, we present toe top 6 cleaning tools and solutions youäó»ll need for your firearm.

What are the Basics of Firearm Maintenance?

Maintaining a firearm is mostly simple. You want to break down copper residue in the barrel, and clear and dirt, debris, or carbon buildups in your gun. Copper residue in the barrel is a byproduct of firing ammunition. The amount and speed at which it will accrue depends on the caliber of ammunition used. The danger of this buildup is that it can cause inaccurate shooting over time.

The outside of the gun can become damaged by snow, ice, sleet frost and dusty winds as well as harmful oils from your own skin. A thin, clean coating of a protective fluid regularly applied to the outside of the gun will usually help manage this. The right lubricant can keep the many parts of your gun interacting well. There are few feelings more irritating than a magazine derailing in a grip because of some unknown buildup. Proper maintenance is key to making sure all the parts work well together.

You can view an inventory of DE Guns firearmcleaning supplies at our website. Our purpose here is just to highlight a few must-have items.

Number 1: The Otis Blue Cleaning Brush

Weäó»re starting with the Otis BlueCleaning Brush because it is such a simple staple of any firearm maintenance kit. This can be used to sweep dust and debris out of the many grooves, ridges and crevices both on the inside and outside of your firearm. This works on rifles, shotguns, handguns, revolvers and more. Thatäó»s why we here at DE Guns put it right at the top of this. Thereäó»s not reason to be without something so simple and easy to snag.

Number 2: The EEZOX Premiun Gun Care 18oz Aerosol

Weäó»re keeping with our theme of outfitting you with the basics with the EEZOXPremiun Gun Care 18oz Aerosol. This is a cleaner, lubricator, and guard against rust all in one can. It goes on wet, but lubricates dry for a 50% reduction in friction between parts. This stuff will remove buildup from copper and brass, as well as plastic and carbons for a smooth, clean working gun.

Number 3: Hoppe’s BoreSnake .44/.45 24004

Itäó»s really fast and easy to clean the bore of your firearm with Hoppeäó»sBore Snake. All you have to do is run the bore snake through the bore of the firearm several times. This will clear out all obstructions and clean and dislodge any obstructions. This is a great step to take before applying your favorite cleaner and lubricant.

Number 4: Ballistol Multi-purpose wipes

You can use BallilstolMulti-Purpose wipes on every part of the gun. They have been in the game for over 100 years because you can use them to lubricate, clean and preserve firearms as well as leather items, wood, metal and more.

The alkaline nature of Ballistol makes it well suited to cleaning the corrosive ammo residue and black powder buildup that can clog your firearm. Your gun stocks will look even better after a quick rubdown with one of these wipes, making them a fantastic tool for overall firearm care regardless of what type of gun you own.

Number 5: Outers Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit

We recommend this Outers Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit is so compact, elegant, economical and functional that there is little reason for any pistol owner not to have one or two of these on hand. The kit includes a Tri-Care one-Step cleaner, lubricant and protector, a quality brass rod, American made accessories, and premiere chemicals. Compatible with pistols .22 to .45 cal.

Number 6: Otis Technology AR Vent Hole Scraper Tool FG-2455

This is a great problem solver for AR fans. The AR Vent Hole Scraper is designed to clean fouling out of the tiniest spots, like the place where the gas tube enters the receiver in an MSR/AR rifle. Proper cleaning prevents oil blowback, which is safe for you and your firearm. It latches onto a charging handle easily enough for a quick and easy clean. This is a particularly good feature because itäó»s on hand for a quick check between shots at a competition, or out on the hunting range.

Contact DE Guns to Learn More About Firearm Maintenance

Whether youäó»re an old shooter who knows exactly what to look for in cleaning tools and supplies, or a brand new gun owner looking to make your recent investment last as long as possible, get in touch with DE Guns to learn everything you can about this crucial part of responsible firearm ownership. You can get in touch with us by calling 402-875-6500 or visit our website to see prices, styles and pictures of guns, parts, accessories, cleaning supplies, tools and so much more. We look forward to providing you with premium tools for firearm cleaning, preservation, maintenance and care.