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Silencers and suppressors have a number of incredibly practical benefits for gun owners. There are a lot of things big Blockbuster movies get wrong about firearms, ammunition, and accessories but especially silencers. Silencers have practical purposes in both home defense situations and hunting grounds. First of all, the way a silencer actually behaves has been totally misrepresented. In movies, silencers take the bang of a gun and make it sound like a kid is blowing the paper wrapper off the end of a straw. Thatäó»s not how it works. In real life, a silenced or suppressed gunshot is almost as loud as a standard one if you are standing nearby the rifle. The difference comes in how far the sound carries.

Silencers and Suppressors When Hunting

A suppressed or silenced gunshot does not travel as far as one at full volume. If you are hunting, that means that you will create less sound pollution when you use a silencer. This can be less bothersome to people who live in the vicinity of hunting areas. Many people who live in rural and remote areas love the peace and serenity of nature. Itäó»s fair to say the average hunter can relate to this. Thatäó»s why itäó»s considerate and worthwhile to cut down on the rapport of your gunshot while hunting. If you are hunting at night, you do not want to disorient yourself with a bright muzzle flash. A suppressor is safe for your eyes, and useful when shooting at night. The same principle applies when you are at the range with others.

Choosing the Right Silencer for You

DEGuns offers an incredible selection of silencers and suppressors. Take a look at the following examples.

The Sig Sauer SRD22 .22 LR Silencer is meant for both pistols and rifles. Itäó»s that durable. It features an outer tube made of aluminum with stainless steel baffles. The inner stainless steel tube allows for ease of disassembly and cleaning.

The Sig Sauer Grade 5 Titanium Silencer offers rapid attachment to rifle muzzles. It is available in sizes to match most modern sporting rifles on the market in .308/7.62. This durable silencer is a standby for experienced shooters and newcomers to firearms alike.

The Saker is a groundbreaking silencer which offers a range of never before seen features. For example, the superior quick detach system allows the user one-handed operation. Saker baffles are made out of Stellite, which is a first for silencers. Itäó»s approximately 30% more durable than Inconel. The Saker has its unique MAAD cap which serves as a rebar cutter and compact flash hider.

Quality Suppressors from DEGuns

This quick detach suppressor manufactured with Inconel, a nickel and stainless steel alloy, that provides durability, reliability, particularly with short barreled rifles and pistols chambered in .223 Rem/5.56 Nato.

The tactical solutions Cascade Suppressor features durable all-titanium construction. Itäó»s Cerakote matte black finish resists wear, and looks great. This is rated for semi-auto use with

䄏 .17 HM2

䄏 .17 HMR

䄏 .22 WMR with a full auto rating on .22 LR rifles.

The tactical solutions Axiom .22 Cal suppressor allows for easy cleaning no matter how dirty it gets. This suppressor features titanium baffles and body for durability in harsh conditions. It is full auto rated and features as stainless steel split tube.

The Osprey Micro Rimfire Suppressor is one of the shortest, quietest and easiest products of its kind on the market. This reliable suppressor will last a long time and serve you when the pressure is on.

Silencers and Suppressors in Home Defense Situations

It is incredibly important to gain control of a home defense situation as quickly as possible. There are just too many things that go wrong too quickly. You may not have had the presence of mind to grab protective gear for using your gun. You arenäó»t able to see well because you were woken from your sleep. A silencer and suppressor can eliminate certain factors that may be damaging to you or your environment. Silenced gunfire is less likely to blow out windows or shatter glass and ceramic obstacles with the sound. A suppressed flash is less likely to flair in your eyes and blind you while your assailants close in on you. It also may at least reduce the risk of damaging the ears and eyes of loved ones in your home who may not have had time to secure protective gear for their ears and eyes.

Laws to Know When Buying Silencers

DEGuns prides itself on being a knowledgeable supplier of firearms, silencers, suppressors, accessories, ammunition, and more. While we can offer you a primer on some of the laws you will need to navigate when buying firearms and accessories online, we encourage you to be fully informed about all your local laws. Here are a few quick examples of the laws you should know about. This does not intend to be a complete list, and we can certainly point you towards more resources if you need them.

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to buy a suppressor from an individual via Form 4 to Form 4 transfer.

  2. Be a legal resident of the United States

  3. Prove legal eligibility to purchase a firearm

  4. Pay $200 Transfer Tax- a one-time fee

  5. 42 states currently allow civilian ownership of suppressors. You must reside in one of these.

Learn More About Buying Silencers and Suppressors from DEGuns

We know you probably have a ton of questions about silencers, suppressors, practical applications, and laws. The good news is, we love talking shop here at DEGuns. Our friendly team of experts will hear you out and help you find the silencer or suppressor you need. Browse through our website for an incredible selection of all firearm parts and accessories including silencers, suppressors, rifles, pistols, cases, safes, scopes, sights, stocks, magazines, replacement kits, protective equipment for ears and eyes, and ammunition. Contact us online or call us at 402-875-6500 to learn more.