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There are certainly a few ways a gun store can stand out from the competition. A gun store might claim to have the largest or widest selection of handguns or semi-automatic rifle accessories; a gun store can offer gun purchasers intensive training or it might have a range onsite for customers to practice shooting.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, there are a variety of gun stores and they all claim to be the best dealer in the area. Some say itäó»s because they carry a large variety of particular guns or accessories. Others say theyäó»re #1 because they buy, sell, and trade. But, when a person takes a step back and looks at all of the competing gun shops in Lincoln, Nebraska, there is one location that truly stands out above the rest: Discount Enterprises,

Online and In-Store Inventory

DEGuns differentiates itself from the competition because they do offer a huge selection of handguns and semi-automatic rifle accessoriesäó_in addition to a variety of other gun styles, guns manufactured by diverse brands, a multitude of accessories, and more; however, what sets DEGuns apart from the competition is that they offer all of the guns and accessories they supply in their store, online as well.

If you live in the Lincoln area and would like to view all of the guns and/or accessories DEGuns has to offer, then you can stop in our store anytime between 10AM and 7PM Monday through Saturday. If, however, you are unable to make it, or you simply donäó»t want to come into the store, customers can see all DEGuns has to offer on our website. DEGunsäó» entire inventory is listed on our website and updated in real time.

Customers residing in Lincoln or in the surrounding area can purchase guns or accessories from DEGunsäó» website and pick them up at DEGunsäó» actual store. If you donäó»t live close to Lincoln, then DEGuns will ship your order to the FFL gun dealer you select on our website.

Awesome Deals and Unbeatable Selection

On DEGunsäó» online store, customers will find a variety of high quality, sought after firearms for great prices. DEGuns is a Class 3 NFA Dealer and offers customers over 100,000 products to choose from. Whether you are a first-time gun buyer or an experienced shooter, DEGuns has the type of guns you are looking for.

Our selection includes AR-15 rifles, Benelli shotguns, and a multitude of guns ideal for home defense, target shooting, or hunting. On our website, customers can find guides for äóÖhow to buy onlineäó» and DEGuns give step-by-step instructions for how you can buy online today and pick up your order at a local FFL gun dealer close to where you live in the near future.

You Be the Judge: Check Out DEGuns Today

If you want to witness why DEGuns is the best gun dealer in Lincoln, Nebraska, then step into our store or visit our website today. If you have questions or comments about any of the products listed on DEGunsäó» website, then donäó»t hesitate reaching out to our knowledgeable staff. Customers can reach DEGuns by calling 402-875-6500 or by filling out our online contact form.