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Have you ever heard anyone refer to the AR15 as the Barbie for men? This comparison is drawn because of the many parts and accessories that are available for integration with this rifle. The AR-15 is standby for hunters, outdoor sports-people, and competition shooters of all levels. It makes a great rifle for beginners, and it is trusted by experts. The modular capacity of this gun is one of the things that has created such prolific use of the AR-15. Shooters of all shapes and sizes can modify it to suit their needs.

Not only that, having a good supply of replacement parts can keep your AR-15 working in top condition. It can save you while youäó»re out on the range, or keep you in the game when you are participating in a shooting competition. You want to solve any problems with your firearms well before you are ever called upon to use them in any type of home or self-defense situations.

As a leading supplier of firearms, parts, scopes, sights, lights, outdoor gear, and other shooting accessories for the AR-15 and many other firearms, DEGuns is ready to help you put together the rifle of your dreams. We know all the best parts and equipment for people who want to protect their homes, head out to the hunting range, or shoot in a competition with an AR-15 decked out with your favorite accessories. Here are some of the top-rated parts and accessories for the AR-15 available from DEGuns.

AR-15 Barrels for Sale at Affordable Prices from DEGuns


Over time, barrels begin to wear down from repeated firing. This is to be expected, after all they do contain small combustions every time the gun is fired. The Hammer Forged 5.56 NATO AR-15 Carbine Length Barrel made out of the same Chrome Moly Vanadium steel used in FNäó»s machine gun barrels. Each barrel is tested with a magnetic particle method to make sure it doesnäó»t have any micro-stresses or flaws that would make it more likely to deteriorate with fire.

The bore and barrel are lined with chrome to resist corrosion, and heat erosion. This makes the barrel life more reliable extracting and chambering.

The TGI Blackout 10.5äó AR-15 Barrels are manufactured with a careful inspection process to guarantee the highest quality. They are made of gun quality steel heat treated for hardness and stress resistance.

Order AR-15 Charging Handles Online

This ambidextrous charging handle features the MASP industries patent-pending mechanical latch-free design. This quality design offers you fluid, fast and controlled motion from either the strong side or support side.

AR-15 Parts and Parts Kits For Sale from DEGuns

If you want to be prepared for common parts in your AR-15 that can break down or bend under too much wear and tear, this AR-15 parts kit will have you ready to make any replacement. For all the lower parts for your AR-15 including the internal pieces and pistol grip, you may want to consider this kit. It comes with an injection molded pistol grip made out of high-impact polymer to offer the streamlined contours that will help you control your gun. Obviously, the counterpart to this kit is the AR-15 Rifle Upper Kit which features a blued barrel, a six position stock that is retractable, and a pistol grip.

AR-15 Magazines For Sale Online

Built out of high-impact polymer, this 30 round magazine which comes to you courtesy of Command Arms is a lightweight, quiet magazine with a non-tilt follower. This magazine comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty for defective or broken products.

Cases for AR-15 Magazines

Itäó»s important to have safe and secure places to store all of your equipment, especially magazines, which perform best when they are in good condition, and clean. This tactical magazine case shuts tight with an O ring seal. This case will protect your extra magazines from damage from rattling around in the back of a truck while being carried over roots, rocks and bumpy hills.

AR-15 Magnifiers and Laser Sights Available

Take a look at some of the many different optics available for from DEGuns. The NCStar micro green dot with integrated red laser features green dot Reflex Optic is two sighting devices in a sleek, compact unit. The green dot is fully adjustable for elevation and windage. You can mount this laser onto virtually any Weaver/Picatinny type rail. If you need a higher quality sight or a replacement for your current one, this AR-15 tactical crosshair can serve you well. It is manufactured with heat treated metal. It comes with an allen wrench for making adjustments. You can install this without making any modifications to the gun itself.

This next one is a little different, but very cool. Itäó»s a spectator Go-Pro camera that mounts onto Picatinny rails. It fits well with the Hero, Hero2 and Hero3 cameras. This can be a great way to learn about game behavior, correct your own bad shooting habits, make some memories, and share your experiences. This can be a great way to create content for shooting videos if you like to create video blogs about guns, you can use footage from these cameras to create better demonstrations. This is a great tool for gun dealers and ranges that may want to promote themselves as well.

Learn More About Top Quality Parts and Accessories

If you have any more questions about what is available from DEGuns, we would be happy to help answer them. The items above are by no means a complete list of the many goods we offer. Our experienced and courteous professionals would be happy to help you find what you are looking for whether you are an experienced shooter or just buying a gun for the first time. To get in touch with us, please contact DEGuns online or call us at 402-875-6500. We look forward to learning about how we can help you put together an AR-15 customized so that it works best for you.