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If youäó»re on the hunt for the absolute best firearm for experienced shooters, then you should know: 1 type of firearm could never be considered the äóìbestäó for every single shooter. There are a variety of firearms out thereäóîall of which vary in size, caliber, style, and more. Whatever your level of experience, the gun you buy should be one that is suitable for your specific shooting purpose and one you are comfortable operating.

Advanced Shooters Can Shoot What Beginners Cannot

There are certainly a few gun styles and sizes that are strongly recommended for beginner shooters, while other firearms are suggested solely for experienced shooters. For example, beginner shootersäóîwho are looking to buy handguns for the first timeäóîare usually recommended to purchase full size handguns that are lightweight and do not have too much recoil. This is because handguns can be fairly heavy and, in order to promote frequent shooting practice, beginner shooters are encouraged to buy guns they are comfortable holding and operating regularly.

Firearms that are suggested for advanced shooters are recommended because they require a lot of practice to be operated properly and to shoot accurately. If you are an advanced shooter, then chances are you know what kind of guns you like to shoot. The following handguns are simply not suggested for beginner shooters, because they are more difficult to operate than other handguns.

Snub Nose Revolvers

A snub nose revolver has a barrel length of 3 inches or less. Snub nose revolvers are small in size, lightweight, and generally have short sight radiuses. These guns are regularly accused of being inaccurate; however, they merely require to be operated by experienced shooters.

Popular gun manufacturers that make snub nose revolvers include: Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Taurus.

1911 Style Pistols

Pistols are notorious for being hard to master; therefore, they are definitely not the first handguns recommended to beginner shooters. With guns, it always depends on who you talk to. Some people will tell you that 1911s are the easiest guns to shoot. However you look at it, it canäó»t be denied that 1911s have a reputation for taking more effort and maintenance to maintain reliability.

Comfortable Shooting is the #1 Priority

Whether you are a first-time gun buyer and beginner shooter or you own 100 guns and can outshoot anybody, there is one piece of advice for gun buying that will always remain the same: buy the gun that you are comfortable shooting.

The only way to master a gun is to practice. If you arenäó»t comfortable shooting a particular gun, then, chances are, you wonäó»t practiceäóîand then itäó»s impossible for you to improve.

Buy the gun you know how to shoot, or one that is easier to shoot, and then move up from there.

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