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Recently there has been quite a bit of speculation surrounding the subject of AR-15s and other assault rifles that are available for purchase from gun sellers throughout the nation and online. People want to know more about AR-15s, like: why are these types of firearms legal to buy in the United States? Or how can we legally buy our own AR-15s? Can AR-15s be legally purchased online?

If youäó»re wondering why AR-15s are legal to buy in the United States of America, then you should know that many people in the U.S. will attest to the idea that AR-15s are one of the best firearm options for home protection, in addition to being a great option for hunting, competition, and target shooting. Like any other type of firearm, AR-15s can certainly be dangerous weaponsäóîespecially if they are allowed in the wrong hands, as weäó»ve seen happen more than once in the last year alone; however, gun laws exist for a reason.

If youäó»re looking to purchase an AR-15 online, then here is everything you need to know before you buyäó_

Online Gun Sellers Ship Your Firearm to the FFL Dealer of Your Choosing

The first thing you should know about purchasing any type of firearm online is that most firearms are prohibited from being sent directly to purchasersäó» doorsteps. Online gun sellers must send the firearms purchased online to shops that hold a Federal Firearms License (FFL).

Most online gun sellers do not check to see if a purchaser is buying a gun that he or she is legally able to buy in the state he or she live in; therefore, it is normally the responsibility of the purchaser to make sure that the gun he or she buys is legal in his or her state.

Federal Laws Regarding AR-15s

To buy an AR-15 in the United States of America, purchasers must be at least 21 years of age and be American citizens or permanent residents. When a firearm is purchased online from an online gun seller, the firearm will be sent to a FFL dealer near the buyer. The buyer can go to the FFL dealer to pick up the gun he or she purchased. He or she must bring the necessary identification, licenses, and paperwork required for the state he or she resides in. Also, every gun purchaser will undergo a background check at the FFL dealer.

Waiting Periods

In addition to the number of federal gun laws in place throughout the United States, every state has its own gun laws that residents are required to abide by. When it comes to AR-15s and other assault rifles, there are a few states that require a waiting period to pass before purchasers can pick up their orders. Minnesota is one state that requires a weeklong wait for people who buy assault weapons or handguns. California and D.C. have 10-day wait periods for assault weapons and Illinois has a 24-hour wait time.

Bans on Magazines

There are numerous states in the U.S. that have bans on magazines. You should know if your state has a ban on magazine size before you purchase an AR-15 or buy additional magazines for your rifle. Otherwise, you will not be able to pick up your order and will probably be charged a fee for the order to be returned to the seller.

A few examples of states that ban magazine size include California (10 rounds), Colorado (15 rounds), Hawaii (10 rounds), and Illinois (10 to 35 rounds, depending on where in the state).

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