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What to Expect When Shooting a .50 Caliber RifleThere’s only one thing we lose out on by being the leading supplier of firearms, ammo and supplies online. You might not get the hands-on experience of a live gun range. That’s why we want to help share the experience of firing a .50 caliber rifle. Let’s take a look at the common usages and purposes of this firearm, and explore the experience of shooting a .50 caliber rifle.

These rifles are used by snipers in the U.S. military. These rifles may be chambered in the common 7.62mm NATO round. Snipers will be the first to say the .50 cal is an absolute monster, and there are few experiences like firing it. What’s it like to shoot it? Keep reading.

What it is Like to Handle the .50 Caliber Rifle

The most common .50 caliber that can be found today is the Barrett M82. This rifle weights 30 pounds, which means it’s not what you would call a “grab and go” gun. That’s why it is usually fired from a must-use integral bipod on the fore end in order to provide stability. After that you, need to be sure to prevent getting smacked in the shoulder by pulling the stock tightly against yourself, and brace for the powerful experience of delivering a heavy .50 caliber round. However, it is worth remembering that the .50-caliber weighs three times as much as a normal hunting rifle. That means that even though it is extremely powerful, it doesn’t beat you up as badly as you might think.

The Experience of Loading a .50 Caliber Rifle

It’s relatively simple to load this rifle. All you need to do is press a few of the big 691-800 grain projectiles into the removable box magazine. For comparison, a standard .30-Caliber hunting round weighs about 150 grains. Pull back on the charging handle, and get ready for action. The .50 caliber rifle is an automatic rifle, so all you have to do is keep firing until the magazine is empty.

What it is Like to Pull the Trigger of a .50 Caliber Rifle

This is the big moment. The .50 Cal is a special experience because it delivers a concussive blast that really makes it special. You literally feel the force of this massive bullet exiting the barrel, expelling a high volume of gasses out of the barrel and the two deliberately built in muzzle brake attached to the end of the barrel.

Note: bystanders are advised not to stand anywhere near the gun as it fires. Itäó»s wise to double your hearing protection with ear-plugs and over-the-ear muffs. For a common comparison to the kick, think of the 12-gauge shotgun. As long as you listen to your range instructor and keep the stock against your shoulder, you should be fine.

How to Learn More About Getting Your Hands on a .50 Cal Rifle

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