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Like any other tool, people buy a firearm to perform a specific application. Just as you need a nail gun for securing boards for a new deck or patio, if you want to hunt, do some target practice, or defend your home from intruders, an AR-15 is an excellent choice of tool. There are a number of reasons to recommend the AR-15. Itäó»s a hard working, reliable and customizable firearm that makes a great addition to any owneräó»s collection.

In an effort to save money on this popular gun, many purchasers want to explore used options, and they should. However, there are a number of things you should know about the AR-15 and buying used firearms. DE Guns is a premier distributor of guns, ammunition, accessories and related outdoor items. There is a great chance you can find exactly what you are looking for by browsing our website. With this helpful guide, you will be able to figure out the criteria for choosing the right firearm, and how the AR-15 may meet your needs.

The Purpose of the AR-15

The simple question any gun buyer needs to answer before purchasing an AR-15 or any other type of gun for that matter goes like this: äóìWhy am I buying this firearm?äó Once you know the answer to that, you have made things much simpler for yourself by narrowing down the options. Some guns will be overkill for self defense, and others will be too short range to go hunting. Others wonäó»t deliver a positive target shooting experience, and others will. The key is to know what you want in order to let DE Guns professionals make the best recommendation we can.

  • When Target Shooting

The AR-15 is an extremely popular choice for target shooting. This is a necessary part of training for people who want to hunt or defend themselves as well. In fact, this is the step where most shooters began their adventure as responsible gun owners. Whether are shooting alone to sharpen your aim, or if you want to bond with your family over a day at the range, or see who among your gang of friends has the best aim, the AR-15 will deliver a precise and consistent performance.

  • When Hunting

The AR-15 may be used to bring down a large variety of animals. If you need to clear some varmints out of your barn, toolshed or farm, or want to go hunting to take down some small game, the AR-15 has something to offer you. It is a favorite among hunters for its reliability, simplicity and power. It performs well enough in a wide range of weather and outdoor settings when given proper maintenance, care and attention.

  • When Participating in Shooting Competitions

Competitive shooters have come to know the AR-15 as a standard that must be mastered by any truly competent operator. When performing under pressure, this is no reason not to give yourself every advantage with a gun that delivers a simple and dependable shooting experience.

  • Home Defense

If word happens to get out in the right places that you are the proud owner of an AR-15, that alone could potentially increase your homeäó»s security by just enough to matter. Itäó»s a particularly bad gun for someone who wants to do you harm to come up against. There are a number of gun experts with years of military experience who would quickly recommend the AR-15 for home defense despite the words of naysayers.

But Why Buy A Used AR-15?

The benefits of buying a used AR-15 are numerous. The first and foremost is that you can save a notable amount of money by buying used over brand new firearms, and if you go through good channels like DE Guns, you will need to make minimal sacrifices when it comes to quality. This is particularly important when it comes to buying a used AR-15 because the market became flooded with low-quality products when there was a rush to buy them over the last couple of years as concerns grew that the gun would be restricted.

When you spring for any used firearm, you risk getting a product with worn out parts, rusty barrels, or a manufacturing defect that the previous owner either ignored or made worse. You also risk damage created entirely by the previous owner. While some of these are minor problems, others can be seriously dangerous at the range, on the hunting trail, or in a home defense scenario. When youäó»re shopping online, going through a quality provider means you get to trust someone else to make sure all parts fit snugly, and the gun is in clean working condition. You can also rest assured that a quality manufacturer made the parts. Too many used guns are mix-and-match collections of parts. In essence, DE Guns will kick the tires on your new investment for you.

Take a Closer Look at a Used AR-15 from DE Guns

This used custom built AR-15 is just one of the many excellent firearms available from DE Guns. This rifle features:

  • DPMS A-15 Lower with

  • Timney Modular Competition AR-15 Trigger

  • ACCu-Wedge Installed, and Magpul UBR Buttstock.

  • Upper has a Match quality Government profiled barrel in 5.45X39

  • Magpul Moe M-Lok Handguard

  • Badger Tactical Extended Latch.

DE Guns Can Help You Find the Best AR-15 for You

The AR-15 is an excellent gun to buy used, but you have to make sure you are not getting some collection of spare parts or a rusted out, over-worn firearm. DE Guns can make sure you get a used AR-15 machined by a quality, trustworthy manufacturer that will do its job in any shooting competition, hunting range, or home defense scenario. Contact us by calling 402-875-6500. You can also see prices, firearms, ammunition, accessories, and much more outdoor equipment on our website. We look forward to outfitting you with durable, dependable gear for your most rugged adventures.