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Are you interested in buying used firearms? If so, then there is 1 place that can definitely help you out: DeGuns.

How You Know You Can Trust DEGuns

When buying pre-owned guns, itäó»s important to purchase from a dealer who has a Federal Firearms License (FFL). This is because a licensed dealer will be able to verify the authenticity of the gun and can tell you who owned the gun before you buy it.

A FFL dealer can also tell you more about the gunäó»s current condition and anything you want to know about the firearmäó»s past handling.

You can trust DEGunsäó» because we have a Federal Firearms License. DEGuns offers customers a safe and secure way to purchase used guns online and in our store. Plus, we offer unbeatable discount prices on pre-owned firearms.

What to Know Before You Buy

For every used firearm listed on DEGunsäó» site, we tell you all of the must-know facts about each one. For example, we list all of the features and non-features of the gun that might make or break your decision to purchase it.

Customers can learn more about pre-owned firearms by giving our sales team a call at 402-875-6500.

Take Advantage of Our Current Deals

Many of our products are 1 time buy. So, once a product is out of stock, we may not get the same product for the same price in the future. This means you should act fast if we currently have a great price for the firearm you want!

Many of the pre-owned handguns offered by DEGuns are offered at unbeatable sale prices. We tell you how much money you are saving when you buy from us and we let you know how many of 1 type of gun we have available.

Find Our Entire Inventory Online and In-Store

Discount Enterprises showcases our entire in-store inventory on our website. This means whatever you see on our website can be found in our store location in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Our inventory online is updated in real time. We make it common knowledge for how many of each product we have in stock. This makes it easier on our end and yours. Plus, this means when a firearm is purchasedäóîeither online or in storeäóîwe remove the product from our site or list it as äóìOut of Stockäó. So you know what we have and what we donäó»t.

Shop DEGunsäó» Large Selection of Used Guns

Find the best prices of quality-made pre-owned firearms when you shop DEGunsäó» assortment of used-guns today. Our selection includes a number of firearms from top gun manufacturers, such as: Remington, Sig Sauer, Winchester, Heckler & Koch, GLOCK, and Taurus.

DEGunsäó» makes it easy to search our site to find the exact used gun you are looking for. For example, on our äóìUsed Gunsäó page, customers can search through all of our pre-owned firearms by organizing the search pages by manufacturer, price, availability or more.

Check out DEGunsäó» selection of used firearms today and know that you are buying a gun from a trusted source.

Contact DEGuns

Fill out our online contact form or give our team a call at 402-875-6500 today to learn more about our selection of used guns. Our team can answer any questions you have in regards to the guns and accessories our store sells, or any other questions you may have.