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The AK-47 rifles are one of the most popular types of assault rifles in the market. It has risen to prominence over the last couple of years where it has reached the status of being an icon. There are websites or online retailers dealing with different varieties of Ak-47 rifles, accessories, and bulk ammo. They offer high-quality AK-47 grips, AK-47 sights, AK-47 parts, and accessories, cleaning supplies, magazines, stocks, red dot, magnifiers and optics, muzzle brake, flash hider, forearms and rails, tactical gun cases and scopes and mounts. All these are required to operate AK-47 smoothly. These rifles are also known as Kalashnikovs.

Why Kalashnikovs?
Mikhail Kalashnikov is the inventor of this particular rifle and hence the name has been derived from that only. The rifle is sometimes known by the name of its inventor who was born in a family of farmers in Russia in 1919. He joined the army and had an illustrious career. However, he was badly injured in the battle of Bryansk while fighting the Nazis. It was during this time that Kalashnikov started finding out on automatic rifles. He perfected the design in 1947 and the rifle was launched as Avtomat Kalashnikov which was later used to save his country.
Popularity of Kalashnikovs
An AK-47 is popular due to its accuracy. It can be particularly useful in relatively close-range combat situations instead of distant fights. The biggest advantage of this particular rifle is its ease of operation and its ability to take a beating. It is easily reliable and easy to repair as well. Some of the most popular varieties include Century International Arms RAS47 7.62í„39mm Semi-Auto AK-47/AKM Style Rifle, Magpul Zhukov S Stock for AK-47 Rifles, Molot VEPR 7.62í„54R Semi-Auto 23.2äó Rifle, IO Inc AKM247T 7.62í„39mm AK Pattern Semi-Auto Rifle AK-47 and much more.
The rifle is super tough and perfect for sandy and dirty conditions. It is great for soldiers who do not follow hard and fast rules to maintain their firearms. The rifle does not jam and it is easy to fire. AK-47 can have a life of 20-40 years depending on its use. Around 500 million firearms have been released worldwide. The rifle is manufactured in huge numbers and reaches various people with ease. Not just the guns, even the accessories, and magazines are widely available in the market. Of course, buying them online is cost-effective and the process hassle free.