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The Mossberg 590 Shockwave has managed to create a remarkably useful 12-gauge shotgun which can be bought without completing a mountain of National Firearms Act (NFA) paperwork. This is a gun that makes an incredible choice for home defense for a number of reasons. To begin with, this model has seen extensive use and loyalty from law enforcement and military personnel. Mossberg had a pretty simple aim when making this gun. They wanted to make a mass-produced, super compact shotgun that features a 14-inch barrel yet conveniently avoids classification as an NFA firearm.

DE Guns can answer all your questions about the Shockwave, and help you obtain one of these excellent firearms. This guide will outline specs of the Shockwave, explain how its distinctive design results in an opportunity to save money and paperwork while getting the power and benefits of a shotgun. We hope to provide you with a detailed guide about how demand for this shotgun emerged, why it is so popular, and why it works well for home defense.

Shockwaves Available from DE Guns

Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12 Gauge Shotgun 14″ Barrel with Pistol Grip

Protection is close at hand with this non-NFA Firearm that holds up to 6 shots and sports a compact 14″ barrel.

  • Gauge: 12
  • Capacity: 6
  • Barrel Type: Heavy-Walled
  • Barrel Length: 14″
  • Sight: Bead
  • Choke: Cylinder Bore
  • Barrel Finish: Matte Blued
  • Weight: 5.25 lbs
  • Length: 26.37

The Shockwave for Home Defense

It is to be hoped that home defense never becomes necessary, but you will be ready for the possibility with this firearm. It offers the benefits of a shotgun without being a shotgun necessarily. Even without a shoulder stock, this gunäó»s grip is designed to absorb a certain amount of recoil, and help you retain control of the firearm while shooting. The sad reality of self-defense is that accuracy under pressure is extremely difficult, and recreating a situation like that is nearly impossible for practice. How could a training drill recreate the fear of the unknown that comes with hearing a window break in the entryway to your home?

The natural complacency of being somewhere as familiar as your own bed? The brain still foggy from sleep, but fuel-injected with adrenaline and cortisol? Without a significant amount of experience, few people know themselves well in that situation. That means you want to take the pressure of yourself, and give yourself a wider range of fire so as to leave fewer room for mistakes. The safety of your family, yourself, and your property. Many people who have a significant amount of experience with high-pressure situations like police officers and military personnel know guns that are like this are a good choice for tight situations. In pop culture and movies, you will see a short barreled, shotgun-style firearm with a grip like this for witness protection situations. Itäó»s not entirely false either. In news stories you can find photos of U.S. marshals going back to the 1980s using this firearm to defend suspects on the way to court, prison, or in transit in general.

Quick Points on Legality

To begin with, none of this advice should be taken as exact legal advice. The soul purpose of the following information is to introduce you to potential stumbling blocks on your way to purchasing this, and why the development of this shotgun is somewhat remarkable. In fact, itäó»s quite likely that knowledgeable gun owners will gather around you at the range to ask a few questions when they see you pull out a 14äó 12 gauge at the range to do some practice.

This is because the transfer of firearms to consumers is a complicated legal process. Much of the language is based on the gunäó»s outer most dimensions and features. If these features fit within certain guidelines, then the gun can be sold over the counter when a buyer who meets the qualifications completes ATF form 4473 passes an NICS background check, and makes payment on the transfer fee. Beyond this, you should be aware of state and local regulations as they apply.

Now, other guns fall under the auspices of the NFA . These include machine guns, short-barrel rifles, and short barrel shotguns. In order to own one of these guns, you have to need special tax stamps, a significant pile of ATF mandated paperwork, records of fingerprints, photographs, and a waiting period of at least six months. It doesnäó»t end there. You still need to adhere to rules regarding transportation, storage, and transfers. Long story short, buying an NFA firearm is a time-consuming and arduous process.

Thatäó»s Where the Mossberg 570 Comes In

The design of this gun, with its grip and barrel length, means the manufacturers have saved the buyer a number of expensive fees and time consuming paperwork. The Mossberg 570äó»s design means that it is classified as a äóìfirearmäó not a shotgun. Thatäó»s the short version of a long story, and if you are interested in firearm and shotgun classifications and regulations, you can see more at the ATFäó»s website . You can learn more about the NFA with the help of this this guide from DE Guns as well. Remember that all these external features are the factors that determine this gunäó»s qualifications. That means you shouldnäó»t monkey with it, or else you may discover youäó»ve put your gun into a different legal category.

Contact DE Guns to Learn More About the Mossberg Shockwave

The legal and practical nature of the Mossberg Shockwave is definitely interesting on many levels. DE Guns has outfitted an incredible number of people with firearms that fit a variety of needs from hunting, to home defense, to shooting sports competitions. You can get in touch with us by calling 402-875-6500 or visiting our website. You can view photos of firearms, prices, styles, accessories, ammunition, and more. We look forward to learning about what you need from your firearm, and how we can help meet those needs.